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Giving the past and present a future

Fluidyne design and manufacture Metal Bellows Type Expansion Joint in heat resistant and non-ferrous alloys of nominal bore ranging from 20mm I.D. to 1500mm O.D.

Fluidyne follows EJMA standards for their design, manufacture and quality assurance of metal bellows. The designs are validated with the test equipments available in-house.

In addition to bellows, Fluidyne has developed non-circular racetrack cross-section bellows for UHV application. Fluidyne has also localized the manufacture of welded diaphragm bellows. These Diaphragm Bellows are used in Atomic Power Stations, Robotics, Aerospace Industries and Instrumentation. Fluidyne takes pride in the fact that no other firm in India has been able to develop these special Bellows till date.

When it comes to the design and development of Bellows, Fluidyne has carved a niche in the minds of users regarding their capabilities and willingness to experiment in the new fields and for development.

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